Your First Appointment

You needn`t bring anything to your first meeting.  However, if you have specific concerns, you may want to bring some of the following items:

Recent statements for financial accounts, including, but not limited to:

  •  Checking and Savings 
  •  CDs
  •  Money Market Funds
  •  Mutual Funds
  •  Tax-Deferred Annuities
  •  IRAs and other retirement/pension accounts
  •  Trust or Managed Accounts
  •  Limited Partnerships, UITs or REITs
  •  Brokerage Accounts
  •  List of EE Savings Bonds

Employer Information such as: 

  •  Employer-Provided Insurance
  •  Pension or retirement plans
  •  Other employee benefits

Insurance Policies, including, but not limited to:

  •  Life Insurance
  •  Disability
  •  Long-Term Care

You may also discuss:  

  •  Wills and Trust
  •  How much money do you spend each month?
  •  What is your total monthly income?
  •  How much money do you contribute to savings or retirement?
  •  Are you anticipating incurring any major one-time expenses in the near future?
  •  Do you anticipate any major one-time receipts of money